Zero Project Conference 2024

Relive the 2024 Zero Project Conference! Perkins traveled to Switzerland to advocate for disability inclusion and accept our Zero Project award.

Group photo of Perkins leaders with leaders from the Zero Project with Katie Holland holding the award certificate. Description of Perkins leaders from left to right: Daniela Gissara (white blouse, black pants), Barsha Banerjee (teal green sari with light green scarf), Darija (black sweater), Katherine Holland (black sweater, purple skirt with leggings).

In 2024, Perkins employees and disability advocates Daniela Gissara, Barsha Banerjee, and Katherine “Katie” Holland passionately presented at the Zero Project Conference. They touched on inclusive education, inclusive design, and Perkins’ scaleable Model Program Strategy — earning us an “Innovative Solution” Zero Project award! We’re so proud of our global impact, which wouldn’t have been possible without our supportive community.

The 2024 Zero Project Conference took place from February 21 to 23 in Vienna, Switzerland. Every year, this event serves as a meeting place for global leaders in disability education and inclusion. More than 1,000 people from 100 countries attended at the United Nations Office in Vienna, including three leaders from Perkins.

Watch below as Daniela, Katie, and Barsha share the Perkins perspective on a global stage.

Daniela Gissara

Making education accessible, at scale

Zero Project Awardees — including Perkins School for the Blind — discussed proven solutions that support disabled individuals in remote areas, focusing on early disorder detection and assistive devices.

Discover programmes that outline how to scale the enrollment of children with disabilities, facilitate low-cost therapy and education for remote children, provide accessible learning models, and develop UNICEF-backed technology-rollouts.

Daniela Gissara, Assistant Director of Perkins International Programs, joined the discussion as a panelist.

Katie Holland

Inclusive education: How inclusive can it be?

Renowned experts in disability rights and education practitioners discussed the foundations, opportunities, anzerod limitations of inclusive education in schools. These inclusive systems require changes at all levels of society, but how inclusive can education truly be across continents and cultures?

Katherine Holland, Executive Director of Perkins International Programs, joined the discussion as a panelist.

Barsha Banerjee

Model Program Strategy

The Zero Project and its Indian partners showcased their work and described opportunities for interested parties to join newly established programs. Learn how organizations are developing innovative solutions for the estimated 26.8 million people living with disabilities in India.

Barsha Banerjee, Managing Director of Perkins India, joined the discussion as a panelist.

Barsha Banerjee

Principles of Universal Design in education

Leading experts in Universal Design explored its meaningful application in teaching and training, ensuring it is truly designed for all from the outset. How do we move beyond universal design being merely a buzzword?

Barsha Banerjee, Managing Director of Perkins India, joined the discussion as a panelist.

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