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Unlock opportunity for our students and ignite change around the world.

You are helping unlock opportunity and ignite change around the world.

With your support, Perkins is making a global impact. We stand for disability inclusion, focusing on children with complex, multiple disabilities, to help create a world that’s more accessible for all.

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Every day at Perkins is about possibility.

parent and child looking at computer screen, our Cortical/Cerebral Visual Impairment online community, grew to more than 1,100 families of children with CVI in the past year. This community provides support and resources to better understand and assist children with CVI.


Perkins India

In India, there are estimated 1 million children with multiple disabilities and visual impairments, and the majority aren’t enrolled in school. We’re working everyday to connect these kids with teachers and provide the education they deserve.

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College & Career

Six in 10 young adults with visual impairments who enroll in college do not graduate. Our college readiness and career training programs help students better prepare for higher education and the workforce.

Three girls hold on tight to each other while they hop to the finish line in a sack race.

Perkins ELP alum organizes inclusive adventure camp in the Philippines

A young man and two young women stand around a worktable full of cardboard, office and design tools, and other materials. There are two other worktables behind them that have a person working there too.

How MIT D-Lab and Perkins empower kids through inclusive design

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Girl smiling, wearing glasses with red frame.

Why we promote eye health awareness in Indonesia and lessons worth sharing