Why 3 mothers in Brazil decided to get their Perkins International Academy certification

For the past two years, 3 mothers of children with multiple, complex disabilities have been taking virtual courses provided by Perkins International Academy in Brazil. Now, they are ready to receive their official Perkins certification.

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A parent’s love is unmatched when it comes to their children, and when children demonstrate specific needs, parents do their best to learn and adapt. For mothers Suzana Fares, Lidiane Jacomini, and Estela Costa, this sentiment rings true. For the past two years, they have been taking virtual courses provided by Perkins International Academy in Brazil. Now, they are ready to receive their official Perkins certification.

Suzana, mother of Pedro

A woman with blonder hair smiles with her young son on her lap.

“My motivation was Pedro, to exchange information about how to intervene, how to deal with different aspects that would help me in daily life with my son.

I believe that not only educators, but if parents of children with multiple disabilities had this opportunity to access courses like those at Perkins Academy, the advancement in special and inclusive education would be exceptionally great.”

Today, Suzana is supporting the Early Intervention Program in Ahimsa.

Lidiane, mother of Micaella and Lucas

A mother lies in bed with her two children, one toddler-age and the other a baby.

I am a mother of five children and five years ago, I became a mother of a girl who is congenitally total deafblind, with other little things, and a year ago I became a mother of a monocular baby with a diagnosis under investigation.

My motivation for taking this course is the thirst for knowledge, to seek guidance for mine and maybe help others who, like me, will be able to understand how the plurality of (the human) being is liberating when you have adequate tools and motivated people. Today, more than knowing strategies that help my life journey, it’s being in a collective that believes in potential and that sees in the uniqueness of the human being a universe of possibilities!”

Today, Lidiane is an activist on deafblindness and plans to use the certification to help other parents with similar experiences. She created a support group, a collective called Neither Warriors nor Poor Things.

Estela, mother of Davi

A mother with dark dyed red hair smiles next to her young son, who also smiles. Her son is strapped into a seat for support.

My motivation has always been Davi, since he was born and as soon as I discovered all his losses – hearing, visual and motor (in addition to the west syndrome), I tried not to close myself in my world and sought to enter this new universe that David is introducing to me.

I went looking for information, people, and institutions that could help me try to understand and enter my son’s world. That’s when I was invited and challenged to take the Perkins Academy course. This course opened up new horizons and new knowledge for me, provided me with a better understanding of what Davi’s life is like and especially how I can enter this very restricted world that is his and how to communicate effectively with my son.

I learned that everyone can learn whatever their disability and that all children deserve to have opportunities. I took the Pedagogy course, because during the Perkins Academy course, I felt the need to expand my knowledge and be able to help and share with others everything I learned during this course period. I would like to thank Perkins immensely for this great opportunity.”

Today, Estela is supporting the Early Intervention Program in Ahimsa and is studying to become a teacher.

Perkins International Academy 

For 200 years, Perkins School for the Blind has been the global leader in the education of children with multiple disabilities and visual impairment. Perkins International Academy courses are designed to give more children around the world access to Perkins-trained teachers. Participants earn certificates demonstrating their competency in the knowledge and skills required to deliver high-quality special education services. 

For more information on Perkins International Academy, and how to complete your certification like Suzana, Estela, and Lidiane, contact us today.

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