What if Santa suddenly went blind?

Put a snarky holiday twist with these reading, writing and tech activities!

Cartoon image of Santa, Rudolph and sleigh full of presents

With the rapidly approaching holiday season, I’m always seeking content with an unusual twist to keep students engaged. Chances are, older students have read and written about snowmen, Santa, and Rudolph. How can I keep holiday-themed activities fresh?

In 2017, Bhavya Shah posted a captivating story, “What if Santa suddenly went blind?” on his Hiking Across Horizons website. Learn more about Bhavya and his journey with retinal detachments in his Story of my Life blogs and how blogging is an outlet for his “affinity for and amity with big words (or bombastic vocabulary)”. This amazing story has vocabulary that would make a high school English teacher proud!

Reading comprehension activities

This beautifully scripted Santa story has many aspects that can be incorporated into language arts lessons. Dive deep into the story to fully appreciate the story; so many possibilities to use this story for reading comprehension. The descriptive words and vocabulary will sweep you away into Santa’s new world!

Vocabulary Activities can include:

Writing activities

Technology skills


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