Welcome to Perkins’ first ever virtual art show!

Students from every program contributed works of art, including paintings, drawings, pottery sculptures and more.

A collage art piece depicts a star made of scraps of colorful paper

Every year, the Deafblind Program and Lower School host a pair of art shows to exhibit the creativity and talent of their students.

This year’s only a little bit different, with both programs combining forces to host one big virtual art show together. And they’ve even invited their peers in the Secondary Program to join in on the fun!

Our students have worked so hard this year to stay on top of their education, and all of that hard work is evident in their creative projects — their paintings and drawings, their pottery and sculptures, and so much more. 

Without further ado, we welcome you to the first ever virtual Perkins Art Show! Enjoy!

Aggie sits in a high backed chair. She gestures with her hand as she talks to students

World wide thinking starts in the classroom

Using a black pen, tracing a student drawing onto Swell paper which is over a raised line drawing on top of the Lightbox.

HOW TO turn a tactile drawing film drawing into PIAF image: Sharpie method

BrailleDoodle, a device that creates tactile images and can support braille learning. This image has a hand-drawn house with the print letter "H" and the braille word "house".

Braille Doodle: Kickstarter price