TVI Braille Ignition Kits

Jump start your braille instruction with these FREE Braille Ignition Kits!

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Actively searching for educational resources specifically designed for students with low vision or blindness? National Braille Press recognizes this need and has launched a pilot program to provide tools and resources for TSVIs! And, these resources are FREE!

Who is eligible?

Created by National Braille Press, the TVI Braille Ignition Kits are available to TSVIs or paraprofessionals of all experience levels. You must be working in the blindness field in the United States. In 2022, 1,400 kits were distributed; another 1,400 kits will be available in 2023. To reserve your kit, fill out the form here.

If you received a kit last year, you can redeem your coupon to receive free books here.

What are TVI Braille Ignition Kits?

These kits are designed to support braille literacy. There are four different kits:

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child using refreshable braille display

Refreshable Braille Display Commands for the Emerging Braille Reader: R Chord & P Chord

small white 20-cell braille display with black keys; up and down arrows on both sides of the braille

Braille Me: new refreshable braille display

Scribble lines with colorful crayons and chalk on a black background.

Writing with a braille display: Scribbling part 2