Transition for Success

Information about a webinar NEC had for families to learn more about it's Transition initiatives

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By: Kristen Layton-Campagna, NEC Senior Consultant

With careful planning and implementation of strong and effective transition practices students who are DeafBlind can experience a positive transition process with successful transition outcomes.  

On November 28, NEC hosted a “Transition for Success” webinar that highlighted: essential components of a successful transition from school to adult life and NEC resources and the role NEC can play in the transition process.

The following components are essential considerations for a successful transition from school to work for students who are DeafBlind or have a combined vision/hearing loss.

  1. A collaborative team approach, including the student, their family, the educational team and adult and community service representation
  2. The IEP reflects strong academic and functional skill development.
  3. Person Centered Planning involving the student and family is incorporated early.
  4. The student is empowered through self-advocacy training and support.
  5. Communication & Assistive Technology are a primary focus of education and transition.
  6. Vocational activities begin early and include experiences in community-based settings.

Transition is a continuous process starting at ages 12- 14. The following areas are not the only transition work that should be done during the identified timeline, but this list highlights the essential focus area during those years:

NEC can support transition students ages 14-21 and their teams in a variety of ways:

Next Steps for Transition Teams:

Contact information:

Tracy Evans Luiselli, Ed.D., Director,  [email protected] 

Brenda Allair, M.Ed., Lead Education Consultant,  [email protected] 

Kristen Layton-Campagna, Senior Consultant, [email protected] 

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