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Decoding the Legal Maze: A Comprehensive Guide to Guardianship

If you’re wondering what your student might do after graduating high school and what services are out there to support them, we’ve got you covered.

Join us monthly, throughout 2023 – 24, for a series of transition-packed workshops, designed to help you plan your blind or visually impaired young adult’s future.

Workshops Series

All workshops are hosted virtually over Zoom.

October 17, 2023

What is Transition and when does it begin?

We’ll kick off our 2023-24 workshop series with an overview of transition planning and important steps for preparing for life after high school. We’ll also introduce the entire series, and preview the November session about IEPs.

November 14, 2023

Student-Centered IEPs: A Pathway to Stronger Transition Outcomes

Learn how to foster and support a student-led IEP experience. Supporting students to be self-determined in their IEP meetings helps develop leadership and self-advocacy skills that are paramount in later transition outcomes.

January 9, 2024

Housing Explained: Demystifying Residential Living Options

Where will your adult child live after high school and what type of housing should you plan for? We’ll introduce families to various housing models for young adults and emphasize the importance of independent living planning.

Guest Speaker: Pam Blanton, Partners 4 Housing

February 6, 2024

College Pathways for Young Adults with Disabilities

College can look many different ways. Learn about the various college pathways available for students with disabilities. We will explore the differences between inclusive college programs and how to find a program that will be a fit while also considering how to ensure college success.

Guest Speaker: Jane Brown, College Autism Spectrum

March 5, 2024

Decoding the Legal Maze: A Comprehensive Guide to Guardianship

In this webinar we will explore topics including guardianship alternatives (e.g., durable power of attorney, representative payee, conservatorship, supported decision making, shared educational decision-making), as well as special needs trusts.

Guest Speaker: Fred Misilo Esq., Fletcher Tilton Law Firm

April 2, 2024

Health Insurance – Keeping the Wheels on the Bus!

Disabled dependents can usually stay on a parent’s health insurance policy beyond age 26. Learn what steps need to be taken to maintain coverage, as well as how disabled adults obtain Medicare, how different public and private insurances interact, and how to navigate private and public insurance(s).

Guest Speaker: Amy K. Weinstock, The Insurance Resource Center

May 14, 2024

Opening the door to a self-determined life using technology

Parent, Alice Brouhard is a champion of the use of technology, especially tablet technology and Amazon Alexa, to assist individuals with memory, physical and cognitive challenges. 

Alice will discuss and demonstrate the setup and use of the two low-cost apps ($19.99 and $1.99!). She will also discuss ways to use Alexa as another key to open the door  to support self-determination!

Guest Speaker: Alice Brouhard, parent

June 11, 2024

Sex, Intimacy, and Healthy Relationships

We want to talk about the misconceptions around people with disabilities entering adulthood and what this means around sexual desire, healthy intimate relationships and setting healthy boundaries. Bring your questions!

Guest Speaker: Katherine McGlaughlin, Elevatus Training

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