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Let’s talk about guardianship, legal considerations, supported decision-making, and more.

Join us in June 2024 for a four-part series of free workshops, designed for families and professionals to learn the many aspects of guardianship for young adults with disabilities.

Drop into any or all of these sessions!

Session dates

June 4, 2024
June 11, 2024
June 18, 2024
June 25, 2024

Sessions time

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm EDT

(Eastern Time)


Virtual on Zoom

Series speakers

  • portrait photo of Ann Phelan

    Ann Phelan

    Manager of Resources and Engagement, Perkins Transition Center
    Meet Ann
  • Heather Connors, Ph.D.

    Executive Director, The Center for Guardianship Excellence

Series sessions

All workshops are hosted virtually over Zoom.

June 4, 2024

Self-Determination and Legal Considerations

Let’s talk about the key aspects of coming of age and explore how we can support individuals in being self-determined with the least restrictions, with safeguards in place.

Age of majority is an important benchmark for individuals with disabilities. Age of majority is the transition from childhood to adulthood. The age of majority is 18 in most states. If individuals are their own guardian, they are legally responsible for their life actions in areas of finance, healthcare and education. In this workshop, we’ll have a conversation about the key aspects of coming of age and explore how we can support individuals in being self-determined with the least restrictions.

Speaker: Ann Phelan

June 11, 2024

Supported Decision-Making for Independence and Growth

Supported decision-making (SDM) is a unique and empowering process for helping a young adult without taking away legal rights in court. It is gradually becoming recognized worldwide so that a young adult’s SDM team can have access to information previously provided only to legal guardians.

So, how does a young adult or family decide if SDM is right for them? If a guardianship is in place, is it possible to use SDM in addition? And could successful SDM signal a need to end a legal guardianship?

In this program, we will answer common questions about choosing and using supported decision-making.

Guest Speaker: Heather Connors, Ph.D.

June 18, 2024

The Rights of Adults with Guardians

In 2022, the National Guardianship Network introduced “The Guardianship Bill of Rights.” Although documents protecting adults needing decisional support are common around the world, this document is new in the US.

In this program, we’ll share best practices for presenting, explaining and using The Bill of Rights.

Guest Speaker: Heather Connors, Ph.D.

June 25, 2024

You Have Been Appointed Guardian, Now What?

Guardians are appointed to provide decisional support in areas where a young adult has challenges. For family guardians, who have been caring for the person through childhood, this transition comes with new rules. And some of the rules are shocking. To make it even more confusing, many loved ones aren’t even made aware of what they are expected to do (or not do).

In this program, we will share the top 10 things new guardians must know. This list includes what great guardians do to create a successful experience for the adult-with-a-guardian, for the state or court that appointed you, and for yourself.

Guest Speaker: Heather Connors, Ph.D.

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