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Transition planning

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Transition planning

1:1 Transition Guidance

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Whether you’re just starting the transition process or have a young adult about to age out of the school system, navigating the transition process can be overwhelming. You may have questions or just need some guidance on the next step. Our transition experts can focus on what’s on your mind and help you prepare for the future.

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Family stories

Families who have been there

Don’t expect all your ducks to be in a row right away. It takes a village—and time!”


Meet Jill and her mom, Brenda, a family who have learned how to be open to their daughter trying out new things after she completed high school.

Jill is continuing to learn through college experiences, while still making time to be with her friends and have fun as a young adult.

Brenda says, “It’s so easy to think you must have everything prepared right off the bat. One of the things I wish we had known when we were thinking about transition is that we didn’t have to have all the ducks in a row on day one.”

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IEP Guidance

Transition-focused IEPs

As young adults enter high school, transition planning and services should be well-represented and integrated throughout their IEP, and anyone reading their IEP should see a roadmap that supports their plans after high school.

Our Transition IEP Guide offers transition-specific guidance for building an IEP that will support your child in achieving their goals after high school, including:

  • Talking the Talk: Transition Planning Glossary
  • Building a Strong, Transition-Focused IEP
  • Writing a transition-focused vision statement
  • Diving into the components of the IEP

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