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About Life Launch

Preparing young adults for life after high school.

Life Launch teaches young adults to:

  • Develop independent living skills
  • Prepare for meaningful employment
  • Actively engage in their community

A deliberately designed, immersive, five-day residential program.

Suggested two-year enrollment

Year one

Students build a strong foundation of essential skills for independent living and employment readiness — including communication, travel training, problem-solving, time management, self-advocacy, finances, and technology.

They also explore careers via volunteering, find strengths, and set personal goals.

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Year two

In the second year, students use their skills in real-life internships, job shadowing, and community service.

We focus on planning for the future, offering post-secondary education and job training options. Personal mentoring helps set clear post-high school goals.

After graduation

The Life Launch Program includes transition counseling and support in the years after graduation, ensuring continued connections and success.

This includes coaching, progress monitoring, resource coordination, and  job placement assistance.

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The Life Launch student

  • Students, ages 18 to 22, who are blind or visually impaired and have diverse learning differences.
  • Students who have not yet received a high school diploma. 
  • Our Admissions Team will ensure that applicants are evaluated holistically, taking into account their commitment and opportunity for growth within the program.

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