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Life after high school

The leap from high school graduation to young adulthood is a big one. Being prepared is key, especially for students who are blind or visually impaired.

Explore our tailored programs for students and expert resources for families and caregivers. Join our Transition workshops and supportive caregiver community. Let’s navigate the journey from high school to adulthood together.

Our programs

Explore our unique programs designed to prepare blind and visually impaired young adults for life after high school.

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College assessments, readiness, and success

Compass is a nine-month virtual program for visually impaired high schoolers aspiring to college. Compass helps students explore and develop the essential academic and blindness skills for their post-secondary goals.

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Life skills, work, and community connection

Life Launch is a multi-year, residential program that readies young adults who are visually impaired, with multiple disabilities, for independent living through practical work, skill-building, and community involvement.

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Post-secondary transition counseling

Navigator provides personalized coaching for high school graduates who are visually impaired and seeking guidance in their next steps — including post-secondary education planning, and employment and career exploration.

Pre-employment exploration for current high-school students

PathFinder provides ongoing enrichment opportunities for high school students with goals of meaningful employment after graduation – through virtual group work, 1:1 virtual conversations, and in-person workplace explorations around the Boston area.

New! 1:1 transition guidance

Whether you’re just starting the transition process or have a young adult about to age out of the school system, navigating the transition process can be overwhelming. You may have questions or just need some guidance on the next step. Our transition experts can focus on what’s on your mind and help you prepare for the future. 

Contact us with your transition questions and we’ll be in touch to schedule an initial consultation.

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Explore our transition resources

Preparing to leave high school and navigating all of your options to begin adulthood can be daunting. Our Transition Resources are here to guide you through the process. 

  • Transition IEP Guide
  • Community-based services
  • Person-centered planning
  • College and post-secondary education
  • Inclusive and supported employment

College Success and readiness

Discover the innovative work we’re doing to address the gaps in college readiness. Then, explore our College Readiness Resource Center, designed to guide students in planning for successful outcomes — whether that’s straight to college, pre-college training programs or heading to work.  

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Join our online community for parents and caregivers

We know that planning for your student’s life after high school can be isolating. That’s why we created a private, virtual community to talk about the Transition to Adulthood, where you can:

  • Ask questions, trade tips and swap stories with parents and professionals who have been there.
  • Get support from families who are navigating the process
  • Learn from others’ questions. You don’t know what you don’t know.

Family stories

“He likes to do everything!” — Jena Shea about her son, John Shea.

After graduating high school, John Shea had a lot of free time. So, with the support of his family, John decided to explore all sorts of activities — like art classes, weekly trips downtown, socializing with friends… and he launched his own small business!

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