The Perkins Effect

Children worldwide are learning more, thanks to Perkins.

a student learning to use a braille typewritter with a teacher
a teacher lets a student touch stems of plants

More than six million children worldwide are blind with multiple disabilities.

Without educators to help them learn, many face a life of isolation and untapped potential. For 100 years, Perkins International has partnered with educators around the globe, providing training and support to help children with multiple disabilities thrive.

Help us ensure that highly-trained professionals and transformative educational opportunities will always be there when children need them most. Support Perkins International and be a part of #ThePerkinsEffect.

100 years of expertise, countless doors opened

Today, graduates of the Perkins International Educational Leadership Program (ELP) are making a difference in the lives of children, families and communities worldwide. Not only that, they’re sharing their knowledge with other educators and leaders, for exponential impact. That’s #ThePerkinsEffect.

With your support, we can spend the next 100 years doing even more to make sure children with visual impairment and multiple disabilities have teachers who can help them learn.

See how Perkins is making an impact in children’s lives.

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Be a part of #ThePerkinsEffect.

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