The journey within

Join NEC student, Amelia, as she takes you on a journey within.

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Welcome to the New Year, 2022! Well, the past posts that I have shared with you have been my ventures upon outward bound like local hikes, Canada, and of course my Norway trip. But this month is special, I am taking you on a Journey Within. 

The first step

Journeys take many shapes and require preparedness in general. The first step is dreaming and recognizing your likes, strengths, and your willingness to explore the wildest opportunities that present themselves. For example, are you willing to read this post fully and dive into your very own journey?  I am very excited to share my point of view for navigating life’s inner journey and how you in turn might look at yours. 

A successful journey

For any successful journey, you need to be able to assess and navigate the ever-changing circumstances. My number one key is to be flexible, I know that’s easier than said at times. One way to make that possible is to navigate the situation slowly and methodically and stay in the present moment and achieve closer and more attainable goals first then focus on your longer or bigger more futuristic goals. 

My desire to live abroad and be a scientist who will discover a long-awaited cure to mitochondrial disease through the study of tardigrades is a great dream but there are many steps in between and who knows what obstacles may show up and divert your attention. So breaking down the mighty goal into the simplest objective is needed: that is planning my pathway to graduation from high school with supplementing experiences that would propel me in that direction.

Experiences help us reach goals

One of those experiences that I am talking about is a short two-week leadership course in the Dominican Republic. This opportunity is packed full with knowledge to be had: learning and sharing in a new unknown culture, recognizing our differences, and rising above to work together to complete a shared project.  The lasting positive experience will complement my ability to work with others as a team. Though I must admit that was not my first reaction. I was expecting to hear I was going to Costa Rica and had built such excitement for going. So you can imagine my surprise to hear I was chosen to go to the Dominican Republic instead. My mom laid out all my options, I could politely ask to change my destination, I could decline to go altogether or I could put my faith in that the right path presented itself and if I am open-minded, an incredible opportunity may just blow my mind and an unforgettable knowledge will be attained. I decided to be open-minded and I look forward to finding out what lies ahead. My trip is this coming July. The program that I am participating in is Global Glimpse.  While I have no idea what will come from this journey; I am looking forward to this new experience and opportunity.  I am also planning to share what happens during this trip with you this summer. 

Hopefully from this article, I have provided you with a strategy of being flexible and to embark on your own personal journey.

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