The Harvest of Picking Apples, Blueberries, and Pumpkins

An account of Amelia Ruff's harvest season adventures!

photo of a girl at an orchard

It’s the end October and the harvest season.  My family and I went blueberry picking twice.  Apple picking happened too. It was fun to gather the harvest again this year during the season. With the blueberries, we made blueberry jam, blueberry pancakes and ect.  With the apples, we had peanut butter on/with the apple. Couple weeks ago my family saw the harvest moon. It was bright and I got  lots of photos.  

September was the month for apple and blueberry picking. October was the month of Halloween and pumpkin picking. The part of Halloween I liked the most was watching movies such as Hocus Pocus. What is your favorite thing – anything about Fall? 

Stay tuned for what my life journey will share for next month. 

a golden retriever

The Green Mountain Orchard owner’s dog that followed everybody for some nibble of our apple cider doughnuts

Photo of how good tasting blueberries looks like

One perspective view of the moon

Another photo but one when the moon was closer to the horizon

Showing how bright the moon was from reflection of the sun by showing leaves of a tree in the photo

Pumpkin patch field in Maine with my family in the photo in front of us and behind us were various sizes of pumpkins and two different colors. Yellow and orange pumpkins  were lined in rows. My grandma and grandpa were also there but were the ones who took the photo.


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