The Education Leadership Program – Applications are open for the 2023 – 2024 Cycle

ELP is a transforming program for participants at Perkins and around the world. The scholars have a short window at the campus, but the enthusiasm and expertise they bring has lasting effects on the students and staff at Perkins.

AS a platform to learn, thrive and grow, and be in service of children with multiple disabilities, the ELP tugs at the heartstrings of the educators immersed in the program.  Those moments are really the heart of this program.

ELP empowers the scholars with the principles and communities they need to wherever they work. That means preparing them with the skills they’ll need, uplifting children with disabilities, powerful handholding of teachers, parents and the community; and also building a life outside of their work.

Applications are now open. You can learn more about it through our stories and articles from our global ELP network.

A free wheeling discussion between Barsha Bannerjee, Managing Director, Perkins India and Sampada Shevde, Director, Perkins India

Barsha Banerjee (BB): How do you describe this program to scholars who are interested in ELP?

Sampada Shevde (SS): I tell new applicants who express intent and interest that it’s a yearlong deep dive into all aspects of learning to nurture children with disabilities and educators in all aspects.  You get to meet some of Perkin’s own changemakers, and also learn about our pioneers – Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller, and you get to engage with peers from all over the world.

BB: There is so much learning, knowledge sharing and growth here. A great chance for scholars to look at their journey and uplift their skills in working in their projects. At the end of the program they will have certainly broadened their outlook and reach.

SS: It’s very gratifying for me to see what the scholars are doing as a result of being in this program. The ELP team at Perkins works really hard to bring together a great cohort year after year. The talent, energy and commitment that they bring every year is amazing. I smile a lot in reflections thinking about the recent generation of scholars who’ll continue to carry the torch.

BB: As I understand, one of the features of ELP that makes it different is that all  scholars come from various streams as Educators in Education for all. The diversity of the children they cater to, taps into their core thinking. Anything else you want applicants to know about ELP?

SS: Finding a place in the sun in the sprawling campuses at Harvard, Boston and MASSACHUSETTS, the variety of classes, experiences from scholars the world over stir up a variety of emotions. From what I’ve seen, those who get the most out of the ELP program are those who put the most in. Those who give a lot of thought to their projects and make the effort to interact with other scholars to absorb their diversity seem to come out of the program having had a great experience and learning.

BB: I want everyone to know that this program changes lives. Read what the scholars from India in our the most recent Cohort of 2023 have to say.

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