• Perkins International

Zaruhi Harutyunyan

Country representative




Europe and Eurasia


Harutyunyan serves as an Country Representative of Armenia, bringing to the table a career spanning 22 years within the domains of social work, education, and occupational therapy. Her extensive expertise has allowed her to carve a significant impact in these fields.

In her pivotal role, Harutyunyan shoulders the responsibility of spearheading and coordinating Perkins’ initiatives within Armenia. Her efforts are focused on tailoring projects to suit the distinctive requirements of children and youth with disabilities, who are situated across various institutions. Additionally, she is a powerful voice for disability rights and inclusion, playing a pivotal role in advocating for the marginalized.

Complementing her role, Harutyunyan also imparts her knowledge as an educator at Armenian State Pedagogical University. Her influence extends beyond the classroom, as she contributes to the advancement of inclusive education throughout Armenia.

Through effective collaborations with educational establishments and non-governmental organizations, Harutyunyan has been instrumental in fostering increased participation of individuals with disabilities in activities that align with their aspirations.