William smiles while holding his white cane.
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William Budding



William is a talent acquisition professional. He has worked at Harvard Medical School, software startup Akeneo, and Harvard School of Dental Medicine, where he connected students with Perkins to learn best practices for treating blind and deafblind patients. William was a member of a cohort that received support from the Harvard President’s Administrative Innovation Fund, and served on the review committee for the Harvard Culture Lab Innovation Fund, which awards grants for projects that promote diversity, inclusion, and belonging. He also co-founded Harvard Ability+, an employee resource group for disability affinity. In 2015, William co-produced an EdX course with Perkins on inclusive talent acquisition for employers. A longtime Perkins volunteer with a visual impairment himself, William is advising the Howe Innovation Center and serves on the Perkins Solutions Committee and the Committee on Trustees. William received his B.A. in Philosophy from Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, where he was active in disability-related issues on campus, founding a disability student group and conducting post-baccalaureate research into the experiences of disabled college students.