Headshot of Tammy Reisman smiling in front of a gray background

Tammy Reisman, TVI, CAES

Coordinator, for the Vision Studies Program at UMass Boston; Teacher of the Visually Impaired


Tammy Reisman brings a strong background in education of students with vision impairments, as well as highly developed writing and teaching skills, to her role as the Teacher of Students with Vision Impairments (TVI) program coordinator in the Vision Studies program at the School for Global Inclusion and Social Development. Her responsibilities include student advising, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) licensure coordination, and serving as a liaison between SGISD Vision Studies and the College of Education and Human Development licensing office at UMass Boston.

Reisman also networks to secure practicum sites, supervises practicum students in their placements, supports state liaisons throughout New England, and teaches three courses in the Vision Studies program. In addition, she helps to coordinate the DESE summer institutes.

When not coordinating the TVI teacher preparation program, Reisman works as a teacher of students with visual impairments in the Newton Public Schools. She works with students in preschool through post-secondary, and has formed a partnership between the Newton Public Schools and UMass Boston’s Vision Studies program that provides practicum experiences for students.


Disclosures for 2024 CVI Conference: Building Meaningful Recognition
Tammy Reisman is not being paid for her presentation, but her registration fees are being waived.

Tammy Reisman does not have any nonfinancial relationships to disclose.