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  • Secondary Program

Jennifer Siff, M.Ed., COMS


Jennifer is currently a full-time Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialist in the Secondary Program at Perkins School for the Blind. Jennifer currently provides direct instruction to students aged 14-22 who have visual impairments and multiple disabilities. Prior to working in the Secondary program, she spent 10 years in the Perkins Lower School program, working with students aged 6-16. Jennifer has a BS in Athletic Training from Northeastern University, as well as a Master’s in Vision Studies, specializing in Orientation & Mobility, from the University of Massachusetts-Boston. Since beginning at Perkins 18 years ago, Jennifer has seen the rise in students diagnosed with CVI and has been empowered by other vision professionals to seek creative solutions to the unique problems it presents, particularly when traveling in the community. With this course, she is hoping to pay it forward!