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Sonja Alimovic





Europe and Eurasia


Alimovic is an experienced trainer and mentor with an extensive background of over 15 years in special education. Her professional journey spans from early intervention in inclusive environments to pioneering best practices within a rehabilitation center dedicated to children with complex needs, Mali Dom in Croatia. Presently, she holds the position of Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences in University of Zagreb, where she leads the Department of Visual Impairments.

Her influential role as a consultant and educator for Perkins has taken her across Europe and, more recently, to Central Asia. With a Ph.D. in the field of visual functioning in children afflicted by perinatal brain damage, her research and teaching pursuits encompass a wide spectrum. Topics of particular interest include the assessment and rehabilitation of visual functioning, the intersection of visual impairment and multiple disabilities, as well as cerebral visual impairment.
Her teaching consistently evaluated as exceptional both from students and experts, underscoring her dedication and excellence in pedagogy.

Alimovic adeptly combines scientific insights with practical wisdom in her collaborative ventures with partner programs and through many projects she is taking part in or leading. Yet, what truly sets her teaching style apart is her extraordinary talent for storytelling—an art that leaves a lasting impression on those fortunate enough to listen.