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  • Howe Innovation Center

Raquel Ronzone

Senior Manager, Partnerships, Howe Innovation Center


Raquel is the Senior Manager of Partnerships at the Howe Innovation Center at Perkins, where she builds and strengthens collaborations in the disability innovation ecosystem by engaging with businesses, universities and thought leaders.

Joining the Howe Innovation Center continues her career in social impact. Most recently, she led business development at the CVI Center at Perkins. Prior to that, at local agency Liberty Concepts, she partnered with clients — including higher education, nonprofits, and state and federal legislators — on their digital strategy to drive organizational growth.

Previously, at the ACLU of Massachusetts, she managed crisis and proactive communications during two historic presidencies. While serving with AmeriCorps, she supported a tech apprenticeship program in her hometown Philadelphia.

Raquel’s work has spanned a range of issues with personal significance — racial justice, LGBTQ+ advocacy, immigrants’ rights, environmental sustainability — and Perkins’ mission is no exception: She has retinopathy of prematurity, and is proud to help ensure that innovation works in service of people with disabilities, without disabilities and without disabilities yet.