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Pema Choden

Deputy Chief Program Officer at the Ministry of Education




Asia and the Pacific

Graduate Status

Educational Leadership Program Class of 2023


Pema is a Deputy Chief Program Officer at the Early Childhood Care and
Development and Special Educational Needs (ECCD& SEN) Division, Department of
School Education, Ministry of Education and Skills Development in Bhutan. She
holds Bachelor in Education (B Ed) from Paro College of Education,
and a Postgraduate (MA) in Psychology from Gujarat University. While
at Perkins, she looks forward to learn more about programs and support services
for learners with multiple disabilities from preschool through school to transitioning
into adult life. Upon returning to her country, Pema hopes to assist her Ministry in
providing access to appropriate inclusive education and support services for
learners with disabilities. She will also share the knowledge, skills and strategies
learnt while at Perkins with her colleagues and teachers to support learners with
disabilities and their families for better inclusion and to actualize their true