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Patricia Musolino, MD, PhD

Pediatric Neurologist, Neurologist, Critical Care Neurologist; Co-Director Pediatric Stroke and Cerebrovascular Service; Assistant Professor of Neurology Harvard Medical School; Co-Director of the Neurobiology of Disease Harvard Advance Course, Massachusetts General Hospital


Dr. Patricia Musolino is a critical care and vascular neurologist with expertise in white matter and cerebrovascular disorders. She is assistant professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School and the co-director of the pediatric stroke and cerebrovascular service at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Musolino clinical and research expertise revolves around the translation of discoveries in human genetics to clinical application in white matter and cerebrovascular disorders. Following training in neurosciences, imaging and molecular biology acquired during her MD and PhD in her native Argentina and post-doctoral training at Harvard. Dr. Musolino completed dual training in pediatric and adult neurology with specialization in critical care and stroke at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Musolino’s laboratory focuses on leveraging insights from neuroimaging and gene-editing tools to understand how single genes mutations alter blood brain barrier and cerebrovascular function and develop therapies to improve the quality of life of patients with rare neurological disorders. This novel approach has led to multiple high impact publications and the development of pre-clinical tools to develop gene targeted therapies for single gene disorders causing neuroinflammation and stroke at a young age. Working hand to hand with patients and advocacy groups Dr. Musolino is also developing an international network and resources to maximize the life potential of children and young adults affected by these disorders. Dr. Musolino’s is the recipient of several awards from NINDS, the Hearst and Child Neurology Foundation, MGH Executive Committee on Research and the 2017 Herbert Pardes Clinical Research Excellence Award from the National Clinical Research Forum for the first gene therapy trial in a cerebral demyelinating disorder of childhood.

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