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Nikolina Juric Tanfara

Program Manager


Europe and Eurasia


Daily Living Skills
Low Vision
Orientation and Mobility
Teaching MDVI/DB
Vocational Skills

Graduate Status

ELP Class of 2016


With a decade of experience in special education, Juric serves as a program manager overseeing the Europe and Eurasia region. Her journey began as a dedicated teacher, crafting impactful programs and activities for children with complex needs. As her expertise grew, she extended her influence globally, sharing her knowledge nationally and internationally.

Juric’s current focus is directed towards identifying optimal pathways for the programmatic advancement of partner initiatives across nations like Croatia, Serbia, Armenia, and Kazakhstan. A proud alumna of the Educational Leadership program, her commitment to fostering progress in special education is evident in her strategic approach and collaborative endeavors.


Being at Perkins, surrounded by greatness, I have a vision for improving my program. I feel a strong desire to work with my ELP colleagues around the world. ELP graduates of the world unite!