• Perkins International

Mary Vazquez





Latin America and the Caribbean


Mary is a consultant and researcher on the Perkins International team in Latin America. Her background is in the field of special education, specifically multiple disabilities and deafblindness. With 20 years of experience, she stands out as a founding member of ACIPDIM in Río Cuarto, Argentina. In addition to this role, Mary is also a teacher and member of the Special Education Curriculum Committee at the National University of Río Cuarto. She contributes to research teams focused on communication, teacher training, and the participation of individuals with disabilities. A Master’s degree in Educational Research (from the Catholic University of Córdoba) has enabled Mary to advance in the systematic study of educational, work-related, and social practices related to multiple disabilities and deafblindness. She actively participates in the development of articles, collaborates on collective works and books, and attends scientific events in her field of study.