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Martina Celizic





Europe and Eurasia


Celizic’s journey is marked by a profound dedication to empowering children with visual impairments and additional disabilities. After graduating in 2003. Her commitment to this area ignited while still a student, as she joined the NGO that provide services for children, cultivating a passion for working with these unique children. After graduation she continued to work with students with complex needs 0-21 years old, providing early intervention for children 0-3 years old as well working in classroom environments.

Celizic is also an alumna of Educational Leadership Program at Perkins School for the Blind, which further enriched her expertise. Upon her return, she took on the responsibility of supervising the educational part of the program for children with multiple disabilities and visual impairments , and later transitioned into the role of coordinating the Educational and Professional Development Center. In this capacity, she created and led a variety of training programs, including Perkins International Academy, that extended beyond borders throughout the region of Europe and Eurasia, and she continues to excel in this role.

Celizic remains deeply engaged in direct work and teaching with children, ensuring that her role as a teacher of professionals stays connected to the ever-changing practices in both worlds.

Celizic’s expertise isn’t limited to practical applications; she is also an author, having written the handbook “Multimodal Approach to Interaction and Communication for Students with Sensory and Multiple Disabilities.”

Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Language and Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Zagreb, Celizic’s research focuses on communication interventions for students with multiple disabilities, further showing her commitment to enhancing the lives of those she serves.