Headshot of Martha Majors
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Martha Majors

Director of Egypt Programs


Martha has served as the Education Director of Perkins’ Deafblind School since 2017. The Deafblind School continues to be one of the few worldwide dedicated specifically to working with students with deafblindness. Martha directs the development and implementation of highly individualized programs for students aged 3 – 22. She leads the educational and clinical staff using best practices to ensure that students and families have the support needed to develop and live enriching and fulfilling lives.

Martha started her career in 1983 at Perkins as a teacher working with deafblind students with significant intellectual disabilities. She then became a head teacher where she supervised teachers, assistants and residential staff to develop a functional academics curriculum while also working with students’ families. Martha served as the Assistant Education Director of the Deafblind School from 1983 – 2017 and led the efforts to expand Perkin’s reach internationally by implementing a “train-the-trainer” model to educate teachers in school systems globally. Martha presents and publishes regularly on topics related to Deafblind educational practices and has been honored with several awards, including the Anne Sullivan Medal in 2015.

Martha has also served in several leadership advisory roles outside of Perkins including the Ministry of Education and Special Education, the Al Noor Institute and the NDC School for the Blind. As such, she is recognized as a global authority on the best practices for deafblind education and through her advocacy has affected change in special education in countries including China, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Ireland, Russia and Turkey. Martha received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Rivier College, a Masters of Education in Deafblind Special Education from Boston College, and a second Masters of Education in Severe Special Needs from Northeastern University. Martha is also a graduate of Babson’s Women in Business Program.