A photo of a woman with short hair, red glasses, and a purple and yellow scarf, smiling.

Mara Yale, PhD

Project Lead, Pediatric Stroke and Brain Injury Education Program, Massachusetts General Hospital


Mara Yale, PhD leads the Pediatric Stroke and Brain Injury Education Program at Massachusetts General Hospital, reaching an international audience. She co-chairs the Parent Council for I-ACQUIRE (a phase 3 clinical trial for constraint-induced movement therapy) and co-leads CP Soccer New England. Mara brings scientific inquiry and collaboration to her work based on prior careers in geophysics and software engineering. Mara also has a private practice as a nervous system educator, is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, has trained in Hand-in-Hand Parenting, holds a PhD in geophysics, and played Division I ice hockey. She lives near Boston with her two children, one of whom had a perinatal stroke.


Disclosures for 2024 CVI Conference: Building Meaningful Recognition
Mara Yale is not being paid for her presentation, but her registration fees are being waived.

Mara Yale does not have any nonfinancial relationships to disclose.