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Lisa Miller, COMS, TVI

CVI Project Coordinator at the CVI Center at Perkins


Lisa is a CVI Project Coordinator for the CVI Center at Perkins School for the Blind. Lisa has over 18 years of service in the field of visual impairments, as a Teacher of the Visually Impaired, Certified Orientation and Mobility Specials and Occupational Therapist. For the past 4 years, Lisa worked as an itinerant TVI in the Community Programs at Perkins. Lisa received her Masters degree in Vision Studies in 2016 from the The University of Massachusetts and a Certificate in Orientation and Mobility from UMass in 2010. Lisa has specialized in vision rehabilitation for adults in their homes and in the community and has worked as a TVI in the schools for the past 10 years. Lisa is currently completing a CVI Certification through the UMass Boston Vision Studies Program. She has done several presentations on CVI as well as ocular conditions to schools, support groups and community programs.


Disclosures for 2024 CVI Conference: Building Meaningful Recognition
Lisa Miller is not being paid for her presentation, but her registration fees are being waived.

Lisa Miller does not have any nonfinancial relationships to disclose.