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Lisa Miller, COMS, TVI

CVI Project Coordinator at the CVI Center at Perkins


Lisa is a CVI Project Coordinator for the CVI Center at Perkins School for the Blind. Lisa has over 18 years of service in the field of visual impairments, as a Teacher of the Visually Impaired, Certified Orientation and Mobility Specials and Occupational Therapist. For the past 4 years, Lisa worked as an itinerant TVI in the Community Programs at Perkins. Lisa received her Masters degree in Vision Studies in 2016 from the The University of Massachusetts and a Certificate in Orientation and Mobility from UMass in 2010. Lisa has specialized in vision rehabilitation for adults in their homes and in the community and has worked as a TVI in the schools for the past 10 years. Lisa is currently completing a CVI Certification through the UMass Boston Vision Studies Program. She has done several presentations on CVI as well as ocular conditions to schools, support groups and community programs.