Portrait of Lisa Jacobs, a woman with short blonde hair.
  • Perkins International

Lisa A. Jacobs

Director, Educational Leadership Program


Lisa has been a teacher of children who are deafblind for over 35 years. She received her undergraduate from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania in elementary and special education and her master’s degree in Deafblind Education from Boston College. Over her tenure at Perkins, she has had the honor of being a teacher, deafblind consultant, and coordinator of federally funded programs such as NEC and the National Clearinghouse on Deafblindness. Before joining the Perkins International programs team, Lisa worked at Perkins’ Community programs serving infants in their homes and school contracts for learners who are deafblind. While at Perkins International programs, she has been the project coordinator for the Seeing Is Believing (SIB) Projects in East Africa and Shanxi China, projects that support children of all ages to receive proper eye care and connect them with the appropriate educational services. After the SIB project ended in 2018, she joined the Educational Leadership Program, mentoring international scholars from all over the globe. Lisa believes teachers collaborating with families, doctors, and governments can change the world for children with disabilities.