Headshot of Justine Carlone Rines

Justine Carlone Rines

Associate Director of Admissions & Evaluations- Lower School


Justine is a speech language pathologist and began her career providing speech and language therapy to high school students in the Secondary School at Perkins. She received certification training in the Wilson Reading System©, a research-based reading program that provides explicit, multi-sensory instruction to help students who were struggling to learn how to read. Recognizing that many students with visual impairment beyond Perkins would benefit from this reading program, she worked with Perkins’ colleagues in collaboration with the American Printing House for the Blind, to adapt and publish a braille version of the Wilson Reading System© and she participated in several national presentations about this subject along with teacher-trainings.

Justine’s role shifted out of the therapy space and to providing high-quality evaluation services for students with vision impairment through Perkins Independent Evaluation Services. Today, she continues to work in evaluations as well as provide support to families and school districts as they move through the Lower School admission process.