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Ivana Cerovic

Country representative




Europe and Eurasia


With a rich experience of over 15 years, Cerovic emerges as an experienced social worker and family counselor, specializing in the realm of alternative care for families and children facing vulnerabilities. Her career has encompassed roles within both governmental and non-governmental domains, wherein she has organized and led diverse support initiatives and programs tailored to address the needs of children and families.

At the core of Cerovic’s mission lies a resolute dedication to fostering social inclusivity, as well as delivering accessible, top-tier education and healthcare for children with complex needs and those requiring palliative care.

Cerovic’s multifaceted expertise extends beyond the field into the realm of authorship and training. She has developed and conducted several comprehensive training modules geared towards enhancing the skills and understanding of professionals and parents in the domains of child and youth care and development. In addition, she has played an active role in diverse working groups aimed at advancing legislative frameworks and service standards dedicated to the welfare of children and youth throughout Serbia.

A source of deep pride for Cerovic is her pivotal role in successfully enrolling over a hundred children with multiple disabilities into schools, demonstrating her remarkable impact. Moreover, she has been instrumental in the establishment of innovative, community-centered services carefully designed to cater to the unique needs of children and their parents.