Headshot of Gloria Rodriguez-Gil

Gloria Rodriguez-Gil

Director, Latin America and the Caribbean


Gloria Rodriguez-Gil has worked in the field of special education for 29 years. Rodriguez-Gil has extensive knowledge and experience in deafblindness and multiple disability education. Her leadership efforts began as an innovative teacher, founder and developer at the first deafblind education program in Central America. She was also co-creator of the first master’s degree program in multiple disability and deafblind education at the prestigious Universidad de Costa Rica. For her accomplishments, Rodriguez-Gil received several study scholarships, including a grant awarded by the Hilton-Perkins Program (now Perkins International) to obtain her master’s degree in Special Education from Boston College, with a specialization in Low Incidence Disabilities and emphasis on Deafblindness. Rodriguez-Gil previously served as an Educational Specialist and writer for California Deaf-Blind Services, as the Bilingual Coordinator for the federally-funded Project SALUTE, and as an international consultant for Perkins International in Latin America.