A woman smiling with shoulder length grey hair, a gold chain and a navy blue blazer.

Elizabeth Stuart

CVI Coordinator at the CVI Center at Perkins


Elizabeth Stuart is CVI Coordinator and a Massachusetts Licensed Teacher of Students with Severe Special Need at the Perkins School for the Blind. Her journey in special education began at Perkins while she was a student at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. While working in the DeafBlind program at Perkins, Elizabeth developed her philosophies and principles as an educator who firmly believes in the potential of every student to learn. Throughout her career of teaching in public schools in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Martha’s Vineyard, Elizabeth has consistently drawn upon the profound lessons and strategies she learned in those early years at Perkins.

In recent years, Elizabeth found herself serving an increased number of students and families impacted by CVI.  As she became aware of the unique ways CVI impacts students, and more importantly, how access to appropriate resources and education can significantly improve the learning experience for impacted students, the more curious she became. This curiosity coupled with her commitment to creating learning opportunities that cater to the unique needs of individual  students has brought her back to Perkins in a full-circle moment, driven by a dedication to making an impact on the lives of students with CVI. Elizabeth is excited to return to Perkins, where she aims to deepen her knowledge of CVI from leading experts, therefore improving her support for students and their families. Additionally, she is pursuing further specialization through the TVI program at UMASS Boston.