Headshot of Dylan Black
  • Howe Innovation Center

Dylan Black

Research and Data Analyst


Dylan Black is a data analyst and market researcher who loves telling stories and helping people with data. At the Innovation Center, Dylan is bringing together data from start-ups, investors, and disabled peoples to understand the accessible technology field and give insight into how the market is functioning. He is also a second-year student at Northeastern University majoring in History and Economics and minoring in Data Science and Mathematics.

For the last 5 years, Dylan has lived in the start-up world as a data analyst, software engineer, content writer, podcast host, and tutor at Fiveable, an ed-tech company serving high school and college students. At Fiveable, Dylan built data infrastructure and presented key insights on student retention while studying. Along with his passion for data, Dylan is a fierce activist for history education, leading a student-run movement advocating for inclusive education in the AP World History curriculum. In his free time, Dylan can be found listening to history podcasts, watching baseball (Go Red Sox!), crunching data for fun, or playing the electric bass.