• College Success/Compass

Adelaide Kelly Massoud

Associate Director, College Success @ Perkins


Adelaide has served as a special education teacher and instructional coach supporting students with disabilities in grades pre-k through 12. Early in her career, Adelaide began working in teacher preparation as an adjunct faculty at The George Washington University in Washington DC. There she earned a doctorate in Special Education and Applied Neuroscience. After nearly two decades of teaching and supporting teachers in special education with the desire to improve student outcomes, Adelaide found herself struggling with the staggering post-secondary outcomes of students with disabilities. The triad model used @ Compass aligns with her pedagogical and theoretical understanding of how to best support a student, caregivers, and educators in providing holistic support. Adelaide brings a wealth of experience as a former program director and a faculty member from American University where she focused on translating research to practice. Adelaide is passionate about implementing interventions rooted in a deep understanding of how the human brain works while creating meaningful mentoring relationships. Her areas of expertise include a deep understanding of autism, emotional and behavioral disorders, learning disabilities, and human development. Adelaide is a Harvard-certified expert in adult learning and is currently pursuing a stronger understanding of the VBI community as well as trauma-informed practices that can support the clients she serves.

Adelaide, located just outside of Washington DC, is a mother of two, a lifelong learner, and fully committed to advancing the field of education.