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Darija Udovicic

Director, Europe and Eurasia


Darija Udovicic Mahmuljin has over 20 years of experience of working in the field of multiple disabilities, visual impairment and deaf blindness. She is an experienced director with a history of international activities, including leading projects and research. Darija has extensive knowledge and experience in deafblindness and multiple disability assessment, early intervention and educational programs. She has established programs that provide highly specialized and comprehensive services to children with visual impairments and other multiple disabilities as well as deaf blind children and young adults. Darija has led numerous national and international projects with an emphasis on getting professionals from different scientific and academic background to work together on a variety of topics related to the improvement of the education and rehabilitation of infants, children and young adults . She has developed and led projects with UNICEF that led to changes of the legal framework in Croatia for children with disabilities. She is very active in national and international associations and has presented at numerous conferences. Among others, she is an Advisor of the Board for International Council of People who are Visually Impaired –Europe, a member of Early Intervention IG of EASPD (Europeans Association of Service Providers), and EURLYAID, Board member of Croatian Academy of Neurodevelopmental Rehabilitation.