• Perkins International

Daniel Cangelosi

Education Coordinator




Latin America and the Caribbean


Daniel Horacio Cangelosi Sánchez is an education coordinator for Perkins School for the Blind International Programs, based in Argentina. He has a rich academic background, with experience as an elementary school teacher and a professor with a specialization in the care of blind people and individuals with low vision. Additionally, he holds a degree in education with a specialization in learning disabilities. He has obtained Master’s degrees in Spain on NGO Management, International Cooperation and Management of Development Projects, certified by the Inter American Development Bank.

Given the relevance of his trajectory, he has been recognized by the President of the Argentine Nation with the “Award for Excellent Educators from Argentina”. Likewise, his work with children who are blind or have low vision has led him to be recognized by many local governments as an “Educator Committed to Society”. The honorable Chamber of Representatives of the Argentine Nation has also distinguished him for his contribution to the elimination of preventable blindness in premature babies.

His professional experience encompasses management of primary schools in public and private settings, schools for individuals with blindness, as well as supervision for special education schools. He has written books about blindness and low vision in children and has carried out a number of research projects in the spaces of education and public health. Currently, Daniel is completing his PhD in Education and is a lecturer for international conferences in topics related to educational inclusivity for students with disabilities.