A photo of a woman with red hair and a green jacket holding her white cane under her chin.

Dagbjört Andrésdóttir

Adult with CVI; Blogger; Classical Singer


Dagbjört Andrésdóttir is a 32 year old international CVI advocate and a classical singer. She was born prematurely with CVI (including other issues), but wasn’t diagnosed with CVI until at age 26. She graduated with a master’s degree in Classical singing from Sigurður Demetz’ academy of singing in May 2023. As well as singing professionally, Dagbjört concentrates on advocating for others with CVI, to try to eliminate disbelief for all CVIers. Her blog, dagbjortandresd.vixsite.com, is read globally with promising reviews.


Disclosures for 2024 CVI Conference: Building Meaningful Recognition
Dagbjört Andrésdóttir is not being paid for her presentation, but her registration fees are being waived.

Dagbjört Andrésdóttir does not have any nonfinancial relationships to disclose.