• Community Programs, Early Connections Conference, Outreach Short Courses

Courtney Wescott

Associate Director of Outreach Short Courses

Graduate Status



Courtney Wescott began her career at Perkins in 2012 as a teaching assistant shortly after graduating from Fitchburg State University with a B.A in psychology. After moving on to fill various roles in the Secondary Program, Courtney transitioned to Community Programs as the Coordinator of Outreach Short Courses in 2017 and accepted the role of Supervisor in 2020. Courtney is passionate about working with a wide range of student populations and providing opportunities for skill building, socializing, and fostering independence. Courtney recently received her master’s in education for Vision Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) as well as a certification in Orientation & Mobility, both at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Phone: 617.972.7442