Headshot of Brian Switzer
  • Career Launch @ Perkins

Brian Switzer

Training & Program Specialist


A high school math teacher earlier in his career, Switzer became interested in assistive technology after losing his own vision. Since, he has consulted with a number of fitness-minded tech firms like RunKeeper and Strava to make their digital applications more accessible.

Switzer is also an outspoken advocate for people with blindness, low vision and deafblindness. He sits on the Rehabilitation Council for the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind and the Advisory Council for DeafBlind Community Access Network. He holds a graduate certificate in C.A.T.I.S. from University of Massachusetts at Boston and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from Suffolk University. He’s run marathons across the country from Boston to Alaska and is the author of three books: “Walk In My Shoes: An Anthology of Usher Syndrome,” “Walk In My Paws: An Anthology On Service Dogs,” and “Ankommen zwischen univeranderbarem und eigener entscheidung (Coming To Understand The Unchangeable).”