Headshot of Barsha Chatterjee
  • Perkins India

Barsha Banerjee

Managing Director


Barsha Banerjee is a development management professional with over 24 years of experience in education, service, livelihoods and business growth for Small and Medium Enterprises.

Banerjee’s work has stretched across the length and breadth of India, remote geographies, and globally in 17 countries of the African Continent. Prior to joining Perkins India, she added significantly towards developing leadership capabilities, including building, motivating and leading diverse teams across geographies nationally and globally. She has increasingly enhanced her roles in taking accountability for business outcomes, managing cross section skills and working with peers in virtual teams.

Banerjee holds a Postgraduate degree in Child Development and was an educator in the early years of her career.  She has been in the social sector for the last 14 years, in both for-profit and not-for-profit companies. Banerjee is an alumni of India Leaders for Social Sector. She believes in the concept of “Ikigai” and strives to make life meaningful by making a difference to the lives of people personally and professionally. Her self-authored mantra is “Life finds a way but it’s you who needs to walk the path.”