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Andrea Rocha

Education Coordinator




Latin America and the Caribbean


Andrea is an educational psychologist from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and an alumna of the Perkins Educational Leadership Program (ELP). She has worked with people with disabilities in Mexico for 16 years. She is a tutor for Perkins International Academy courses. Andrea was part of the team that developed the first online course about care for people with multiple disabilities in Mexico. She was a National Advisor for Educational Inclusion in the Federal Ministry of Public Education, participating in the development of strategies for the academic strengthening of the different special education services. Andrea collaborated with the National Assessment Center for Higher Education (CENEVAL) in the preparation of teaching career tests for personnel that work with students with disabilities in Mexico. Since 2022, Andrea has worked as a consultant for Perkins to help implement our 10-year strategy in the country (Project Pixan) in the states of Aguascalientes and Quintana Roo.