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Alejandra Grzona

Education Coordinator




Latin America and the Caribbean


María Alejandra Grzona is an education coordinator at Perkins School for the Blind International Programs, based in Argentina. She is a professor of therapy in visual deficiency, specialist in teaching at universities and holds a Master’s degree. She is also a teacher at the Hellen Keller School and holds two degrees. She enrolled and successfully passed the courses for a Master’s in Multiple Educational Needs in the Republic of Chile. She holds a Doctorate, Cum Laude, from the University of Jaén in Spain. Her thesis focused on children with multiple disabilities. She is a titled professor in the Department of Teaching at the Education Program in the National University of Cuyo, Argentina (UNCUYO). She is a researcher and forms part of the National Bank, as well as being an undergraduate teacher. She has also served as the director of doctoral thesis and master’s degrees, as well as research projects. She has had several articles published in scientific journals, books, and digital publications. She has reviewed several national and international journals, and has been a guest professor at National and International universities.