The winning Perkins Products story

We heard from people using our products or services and we have a winner!

Ruby hand-held magnifier

Through the use of this hand-held magnifier, life is a little easier for Bob.

January 14, 2015

Last month we asked people to submit their stories of how Perkins Products' assistive technology, or the services they provide, has improved life for someone with vision issues. From all stories submitted, a winner was chosen at random. Here, then, is the winning story from Keri Reardon about her brother-in-law, Bob:

"Approximately a year and a half ago, my brother-in-law, Bob, lost all the sight in his right eye and can see just a pin hole now in his left. Because of the loss, he no longer drives, he had to shut down his plumbing company and he, my sister and their daughter have had tremendous financial hardship. While Bob has an amazing outlook on life and had handled this huge life change with incredible strength and dignity, he certainly misses the many freedoms one has who can see.

Bob loves to cook and go out to eat. With the assistance of the Ruby, Bob is able to read a menu independently, read a recipe and cook for his family. It also helps him to read pill bottles to ensure he is taking the right medication and dosage. The Ruby has given Bob the opportunity to do the things he loves and to maintain part of the life he once knew. 

My whole family is so grateful for the many other tools that Bob has now like talking watches, a tape player for books, and black and white cutting boards to name a few. Assistive Technology has come a long way and helps Bob and countless others to adjust to a new lifestyle."

Bob wins a $500 gift card good toward Perkins Products’ products and services. Thank you to everyone who submitted their stories. Perkins Products is proud to provide solutions for so many!