The season's 10 best assistive technology gifts

Perkins Solutions has the perfect functional and fun presents for kids and adults who are blind or visually impaired

A student uses a tactile sketchpad to draw a graph.

A tactile sketchpad is a perfect, multi-purpose gift for a child or teenager who is blind or low vision. Photo Credit: Anna Miller.

November 19, 2015

Want to make someone smile this holiday season? Assistive technology can be a game-changer for people who are blind or visually impaired, offering ingenious solutions in the classroom, at home or in the workplace. Right now, Perkins Solutions is making it easy to give the gift of accessibility with their Holiday Gift Guide, featuring suggestions for everyone on your list. Here are our top 10 favorites, most of which are available at special savings (details at the bottom):

1. The Bradley Watch, $285-335

Bradley Watches

A modern-meets-classic timepiece with tactile hour markers that let all users, sighted or blind, discreetly tell the time in any setting. The Bradley Watch comes in an elegant silver or black finish with a variety of bands to choose from.  

2. inTACT Sketchpad, $125

Intact Sketchpad

Help your son or daughter develop their artistic skills with a tactile sketchpad that lets them feel their drawings as they work. The inTACT Sketchpad is also great for creating tactile graphs or diagrams to support classroom learning for kids of all ages. 

3. Panda Kit, $59

Perkins Panda Kit

The Panda Kit has everything you need to help your young child develop literacy skills while having fun at the same time. Each kit includes storybooks in beginner braille and large print with high-contrast illustrations, activity guides and cassettes, an adorable stuffed panda and more. 

4. Reminder Rosie, $99.95

Reminder Rosie

Know someone who has trouble keeping track of appointments? The easy-to-use Reminder Rosie is a hands-free, voice-activated digital clock that can be pre-programmed with recorded reminders about events, medications, meetings, tasks and more.

5. Sudoku Touch, $45

Sudoku Touch

Get hours of fun with an accessible version of this classic game! The Sudoku Touch features number tiles labeled with braille and large print, so siblings who are blind or sighted can play together. The wooden set includes 40 puzzles ranging from easy to hard.

6. Drawing With Your Perkins Brailler, $27.95

Drawing with your Perkins Brailler

Teach your child to create beautiful tactile drawings using a Perkins Brailler. This activity guide offers step-by-step instructions for 36 different drawings including shapes, animals, vehicles and holiday-themed objects. It’s available in both print and braille.

7. Victor Reader Stream, $369

Victor Reader Stream

Perfect for the book-lover in your life, the wireless Victor Reader Stream lets you download the latest books, magazines and music for listening on the go. The new generation model also plays content from, which means instant access to thousands of titles.

8. Dragon Premium, $199

Dragon Premium

Speech recognition software like Dragon NaturallySpeaking lets you control your computer using only voice commands. With 99% accuracy, Dragon software makes writing emails or composing term papers a breeze for people who have trouble using a regular keyboard.   

9. LightAide, $999


The perfect learning tool for a child with low vision, cognitive disability or other special need. The LightAide creates a variety of interactive displays of color that support core learning goals and help engage young learners in math and literacy lessons. 

10. 6dot Braille Label Maker, $599

6dot Braille Label Maker

This thoughtfully designed label-maker allows braille readers to make adhesive braille labels for food items, controls, medicines and much more. It has a built-in braille keyboard and also connects to a standard QWERTY keyboard so sighted friends and family can also create labels.     

View the entire Holiday Gift Guide on the Perkins Solutions website and use the discount code holiday10 at checkout to receive 10% off select holiday gift guide items. Use discount code pandagift at checkout and receive the panda audio download as a gift when you buy the panda kit. Offer ends January 8, 2016.