Photos: Dancing the night away at the Perkins Prom

Perkins students had a blast at the biggest party of the year

Two students dressed in fancy outfits standing outside

Perkins Secondary Program students Anicia and Mikolai pose for a photo at the Perkins Promenade. Photo Credit: Anna Miller

June 17, 2016

It was a celebration to remember as Perkins students donned elegant gowns and sharp tuxedos and danced, jived and boogied the night away at the Perkins Prom.  

Dwight Hall was transformed into the “City of Lights,” with sparking white lights strung across the ceiling and bouquets of exploding white peonies adorning each table.

Perkins alumnus Javier Michel returned to campus as the DJ for the event, playing tracks and mixing beats that brought his former classmates to the dance floor.

Below are a few highlights from the event.

Two students dressed in fancy attire posing for photos outside the promSecondary Program students Mercedes and Bill join the many students, staff and family members taking pictures outside before the Perkins Prom. 

Surrounded by friends, two students took a selfie together

Decked out in a sharp suit and vibrant blue gown, Secondary Program students Jonah and Paige pause to take a selfie. 

A close-up of a corsage made with white roses

Prom-goers wore stunning corsages and boutonnières handmade by Perkins students and staff in the Horticulture Center.

A group of friends on their way to the prom

Friends and Secondary Program classmates share a laugh before the Perkins Prom. Left to right: Mikolai, Anicia, Carolyn, Zachary and Nick. 

Students and staff dancing under the decorative lights in Dwight Hall

Students and staff hit to the dance floor early, enjoying the music beneath the twinkling lights.

A centerpiece featuring white peonies in glass vases

Each table features beautiful bouquets of white peonies. 

A student from the deafblind program wearing a blue dress dancing with her teacher

Maria, a student from the Deafblind Program, dances with her teacher during the 2016 Perkins Prom. 

A student dancing with a teacher

Deafblind Program student Brian shows off his moves alongside friends, classmates and staff. 

Two students smiling and dancing together

Patrick and Kristina have a blast on the dance floor, enjoying classics like ABBA’s “Dancing Queen.” 

A student smiles while dancing with friends and staff

Secondary Program student Jon moves to the music surrounded by friends and staff.

Two DJs smiling behind their equipment

Recent Perkins graduate Javier Michel (left) returns to campus to DJ the Perkins Prom, accompanied by DJ Costa. 

The Howe Building at dusk

The Howe Building courtyard sparkles with streaming lights. Inside, students dance the night away.

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