Perkins welcomes ELP class of 2015

The Educational Leadership Program (ELP) Class of 2015.

International educators will receive hands-on training in blind and deafblind education. Photo Credit: Anna Miller

September 15, 2014

They are a talented group of special educators who live and work around the world – Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.

But for the next several months they’ll all call Perkins home.

The Educational Leadership Program (ELP) Class of 2015 was treated to a warm welcome by Perkins staff on Sept. 12. At a reception, the 13 new arrivals introduced themselves and mingled with members of the education staff, some of whom they will be working with directly in the coming months.

“This year we’ve got a really great group of teachers and leaders from around the world that we are very honored to have on our campus,” Perkins International Director Dr. W. Aubrey Webson told the ELP participants. “We at Perkins are very fortunate to have you here. We learn from you and we hope you can learn from us. We hope you have a great experience.”

The educators enrolled in the ELP will spend the next six to nine months living and working on the historic campus of Perkins School for the Blind, where they will immerse themselves in expert instruction and hands-on learning experiences, inside both Perkins’ classrooms and student residences.

After graduating from the ELP in early 2015, they will return to their home countries and share their knowledge, furthering Perkins’ mission to ensure a quality education for all children, regardless of disability.

The ELP participants hail from Antigua, Armenia, Chile, Costa Rica, Egypt, Ghana, India, Kenya, Mexico, Serbia, Tanzania and Uganda. They arrived on campus Sept. 9.

“This group has already gelled,” said ELP Coordinator Marianne Riggio. “They already have their own personality – very warm and very connected. They each bring a positive attitude and are eager to become a part of the Perkins community.”