Perkins Library's top 10 audio books for 2015

From cookbooks to mysteries to presidential trivia, these were the most downloaded audio books produced by the Perkins Library

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In 2015, Perkins Library patrons downloaded a wide variety of audio books from the digital download service BARD. Here are the year's 10 most popular audio books produced by the Perkins Library.

January 12, 2016

What kind of books do Perkins Library patrons like best? Just about every kind, if the list of 2015’s most popular audio books produced by Perkins Library is any indication.

All these audio books were recorded by talented narrators at the library’s Clive W. Lacey Recording Studio. Every month, about 60 volunteers produce up to 12 audio books, many with a Massachusetts or regional interest, for the Perkins Library collection. 

These books are available to Library patrons on digital cartridges or via the digital download service BARD (Braille & Audio Reading Download), which is offered in partnership with the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped of the Library of Congress.

Here are 2015’s most downloaded audio books produced by the Perkins Library:

  1. A Secret Gift: How One Man’s Kindness – and a Trove of Letters – Revealed the Hidden History of the Great Depression
    Ted Gup
    Book Number: DBC 03759
    In 1933, a few days before Christmas, a man calling himself B. Virdot gave cash gifts to dozens of struggling families in Canton, Ohio. More than 70 years later, the benefactor’s grandson traces the lasting impact of those gifts. A top 10 audio book for the second consecutive year.
  2. The Art Forger: A Novel
    B. A. Shapiro
    Book Number:  DBC 00712
    In this provocative caper, a stolen Degas painting from 1990’s infamous Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist arrives in the studio of a young Boston artist with a talent for forgery. Contains strong language and some descriptions of sex. A top 10 audio book for the second consecutive year.
  3. Presidential Trivia Quiz Book
    William C. MacKay
    Book Number:  DBC 03936
    Which president swam nude in the Potomac River? Which president lost a set of White House china in a poker game? Which president recited long passages of Shakespeare from memory? You’ll find the answers and much more in this fun and informative book. For high school and adult readers.
  4. Old Sturbridge Village Cookbook: Authentic Early American Recipes for the Modern Kitchen
    Caroline Sloat
    Book Number:  DBC 03839
    Early American cooking comes to the modern home in this cookbook that presents recipes in three ways: the 1829 original, a modified version for 21st century kitchens and a hearth version for the adventurous. Includes old-timey recipes like fried parsnips, horseradish cream, pumpkin preserve and more.
  5. Lennon: The Man, the Myth, the Music – The Definitive Life
    Tim Riley
    Book Number:  DBC 00705
    A towering figure in rock and roll, John Lennon is brilliantly portrayed in this epic biography that illuminates every corner of his extraordinary and complex life. Follow the remarkable journey that brought a Liverpool art student from a disastrous childhood to the highest realms of fame. Contains some strong language.
  6. Flour: Spectacular Recipes from Boston’s Flour Bakery and Café
    Joanne Chang
    Book Number:  DBC 00700
    The owner and pastry chef of one of Boston’s favorite eateries shares her baking philosophy, essential baking tips and dozens of recipes in this sumptuous cook book. Learn how to create crowd-pleasing favorites like Boozy Rum Cake, Lemon Lust Bars, Ooey Gooey Carmel-Nut Tart and more.
  7. Deep Down True
    Juliette Fay
    Book Number:  DBC 03708
    Newly single after 15 years of marriage, worried about her children and her finances, and no longer unfailingly nice, Dana Stellgarten enters the slipstreams of post-divorce romance in this funny and poignant novel about finding your true path. This book contains some sex and some strong language.
  8. A Master Class: Sensational Recipes from the of the New England Culinary Institute
    Ellen Michaud
    Book Number:  DBC 03710
    New England cuisine is more than Fenway Franks and clam chowder. From maple syrup and lamb dishes to hot casseroles, more than 200 luscious recipes from an acclaimed cooking school have been converted for home use. They are presented here with wine or beverage pairings and chef’s notes.
  9. Fruits of the Poisonous Tree: A Joe Gunther Mystery
    Archer Mayor
    Book Number:  DBC 03777
    After his lover is assaulted, Vermont police lieutenant Joe Gunter knows that a vagrant ex-con with three rape convictions is the obvious suspect. But despite the public clamor to close the case, Gunther can’t shake the feeling that he is dealing with tainted evidence. Contains strong language, violence and some descriptions of sex.
  10. As I See It: From a Blind Man’s Perspective
    Robert Theodore Branco
    Book Number:  DBC 03736
    Robert Theodore Branco, publisher of The Consumer Vision, a monthly newsletter for people with visual impairments, describes how he has adapted to a life without sight. He shares his experiences with self-esteem, handling money, job discrimination and the challenges of leading an independent life.

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